PostSecret for Med Students

MedSecrets.org is a site where medical students send in stories about their difficulties in medical school so that other medical students can know they are not alone.



There’s a lot of pressure to be seen as perfect in medical school. This pressure encourages us to hide the very things that make us human – our imperfections, our failures – and turns them into secret sources of shame. This shame leads to the one behavior sure to worsen any problem:  ignoring it.

But shame cannot survive if it’s shared.  

This works both for the person sharing their story, as well as the person hearing it. The person sharing something that they originally thought was so awful as to be unsharable experiences the liberation of knowing that they do not have to hide, and can finally start to heal emotionally or to fix the problem. The person listening gets to offer this freedom and receives the message that they might be allowed to live more openly and courageously themselves.



MedSecrets.org was started by Luke Murray, a family medicine physician, who experienced a string of failures during medical school, both inside and outside of the classroom, and wished he would have
addressed them sooner.  Not wanting others to know kept him from acting. He can’t keep others from failing or experiencing terrible setbacks (nobody can) but he hopes to help others address these setbacks instead of hide them (or hide from them).