Health Problems

“…it took me 3 tries to get in medical school, …My A1c was 10% (up from 5.9%) during 2nd year from stress, lack of activity, etc. It took alot of effort to get that under control. I had to go to 3 medications instead of 1. I actually developed the beginnings of neuropathy in my feet. All of this was very frustrating/depressing (realizing my own mortality, feeling like a failure, etc).

¬†Sacrificing relationships and feeling like I couldn’t be myself were also up there. I felt like I wanted to help people, but couldn’t be myself during these past 4 years. I had to put up a tough front, grind myself to the bone, study every waking hour to succeed academically to get a residency rather than be there for patients like I wanted to. It made me hate myself at some points. I also see that in some of our classmates. Success should not be based on grades like it is.”

  • graduated first in his class, turned down Mass Gen for residency